Reminding our young of their magnificence.
To believe in themselves
Know they have an impact on the world
And to uphold the vision of love, peace, respect for the self and others

Growing statistics on self-harm, eating disorders, suicidal children, children wanting plastic surgery are a few examples which clearly show a cry for help from our young.

Magnificent Me, Magnificent You Founder Dawattie Basdeo was inspired to create this range of children’s wellbeing resources from her love for her children and all children globally and her love of nature and conservation of our beautiful planet.

“As a parent the happiness, wellbeing and health of my children are of the upmost importance to me. I endeavour to support them in the knowledge that they are each unique and special, with their own unique gifts to share with the world.

To believe in their abilities, trust and follow their hearts intuition, go for their dreams and that the world is their oyster.”

The Magnificent Me, Magnificent You resources have been created built on a foundation of mindfulness, drawing on teachings we can learn from our natural world.

Magnificent Me Magnificent You will also be used as a vehicle to fundraise and make donations to organisations that are working towards the protection of our environment and conservation of our planet, the home of our future generations.

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