The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef system. Coral reefs are home to thousand of species and play a critical role in maintaining healthy oceans and subsequently a healthy planet.

We are each steward of our planet, home to our future generations, in this understanding we endeavour to contribute towards maintaining a healthy planet the best we can.

One way we will be doing this is through raising funds for different organisations working to this endeavour through the sales of our children story and yoga activities book titled ‘Magnificent Me Magnificent You The Great Barrier Reef’ available to order through online sellers and bookstores globally. It can be ordered through our online store through the below link.

The first project will be raising funds in support of is the Coral Sea Foundation Sea Women of Melanesia program.

The Sea Women of Melanesia program empowers indigenous women in Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands with the training, skills, equipment, and resources they need to take an active role in helping indigenous communities create and manage marine protected areas on their own coral reefs.

The Sea Women of Melanesia program has been recognised with the following International Awards:

 Our funding goal in support of their work is to raise £50k to be allocated as following:-

 $2k – 2 school support pack

$2k – village first aid and medical kit

$5k – water tank and collector

$10k – solar panel and battery system for small village

$1k – dive training gear

$6k – train a team of six women

$4k – 1 week reef survey

$20k – survey dinghy 7M and 40HP outboard

 Here is a short video which provides more information on the Sea Women of Melanesia and the wonderful contribution they are making in supporting coral reefs and healthy oceans.