Teenagers face many challenges today. Natures Rainbow Mindfulness Meditations for Teens has been created as a resource Teens can draw strength and inspiration from.
Each guided meditation is based on mindful observations from the natural world.
The vision for each track is to create a space where a young person, takes time to sit and be and feel the me and experience a moment of mindful awareness of their world and the wisdom it shares.
The music for each track has its own flavour that complements and enhances the guided meditations. The music for each colour of the rainbow is based upon the resonant note of the chakras and is designed to connect the listener with their inner peace.

Album contains seven tracks in total

  1. Red – Rose   6.21 min
  2. Orange – Orange    5.24 min
  3. Yellow – Sunshine   5.58 min
  4. Green – Grass   5.58 min
  5. Blue – Blue    4.17 min
  6. Indigo – Night Sky    5:46 min
  7. Violet – Lotus Flower    5:06 min


2 reviews for Nature’s Rainbow Mindfulness Meditation For Teens Album Digital Download

  1. Tony J. Selimi (verified owner)

    I find nature’s rainbow meditations to be mind calming, life changing, and heart awakening. All I had to do was to close my eyes and follow Dawattie’s gentle, loving and healing voice. A must tool for children and adults alike who love to lead a more peaceful and centred life. “ Tony J. Selimi – International Bestselling Author, Speaker, and Human Behavioural Expert

  2. Dhylan

    This was my first experience of a meditation CD so I am pleased to say that the tracks were really soothing and ideal for teenagers. Minor concerns for large groups who may take humour from the slow and calm tone. Sensual descriptions were good. Overall, the tracks were really calming and were an appropriate length so as to keep the teenager’s interest.

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