The mind is everything. What you think you become


Our mind is more powerful than the most advanced computers and the thoughts we choose the beliefs we hold shape our lives.

An example that demonstrates the power of belief is the “Placebo Effect” which is an experiment where a patient is given a fake treatment and told it will help their condition. Through believing the fake treatment will work, patients experience positive results which can only be attributed to the power of their belief in the fake treatment.

With this knowledge in mind, it is clear that to choose to believe in ourselves our abilities, our dreams is critical to affect the outcomes we desire.

In the below video Eduardo Briceno talks about the power of belief and its effect on our mindset and success:

Everything is possible for him who Believes

Mark 9:23

From this talk we can see research has shown that mindset is critical to fulfilling our potential and we can build our abilities through having a growth mindset.

Mindfulness supports the expansion of mindsets.

Magnificent Me Magnificent You resources aim to support a growth mindset through our meditation resources and empowering thoughts resources.