Live in the moment, do not dwell on the past.
Do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment


Mindfulness is focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, being fully present in the now.

When the mind is fully present in the now, in the current moment, and not worrying about the future or the past it enables an element of calmness and acceptance that all is as it should be.

With acceptance comes peace of mind and freedom from attachments.

When we are free from attachments, we are no longer controlled by the ego.

When we are no longer controlled by the ego, we act from a position of love not fear.

A simple analogy for mindfulness is one can say it is like setting a caged bird free.

When the mind is no longer trapped by thoughts which are whirling around it, the mind gains its freedom to breathe and just be, it gains lightness, light, peace and takes flight to unleashing its true magnificence.

A grey wet day in #London today. When skies are grey, we can focus on the grey or look around for the gold and make that our focus.
What are you choosing to focus on today, #grey or #gold? ✨💛✨ #mindfulness #meditation #teenagers #teens #wellbeing #mentalhealthawareness

We’re failing our children’s mental health in more ways than one. Social media pressures, loneliness, and the climate crisis are weighing on today’s youth. The stress is taking its toll on a generation. Here’s what this looks like in Canada: https://thewalrus.ca/the-many-ways-were-failing-our-childrens-mental-health/ 1/5

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