Sunlight is necessary for most life forms on earth and plays an important role in the healthy development of children.

With the growing popularity in technology more and more children spend most of their time indoors glued to screens. However, as parents we need to make a consorted effort to get our children enjoying outdoor play and sunshine, as the health benefits of sunshine are critical for their healthy growth and development.

Here are a few of the Health Benefits of sunshine for children:

  1. Sunlight helps the body’s production of vitamin D, which is a very important compound for development of children. Vitamin D supports healthy bones and brain.
  2. Sunlight is necessary to regulate the internal body clock and support sleep. Sleep time is important because during sleep a child’s body is busy growing and developing both physically and mentally. Study has shown that an extra hour of sleep has improved emotion regulation, decreased impulsivity and improved attention and behaviour.
  3. Sunlight influences the production of Serotonin a chemical messenger in the brain used to regulate moods and emotions. High levels of Serotonin is related to feelings of wellbeing and joy in children and low levels related to impulsivity, aggression, depression and anxiety.
  4. Researchers have found that playing outdoors in nature has a positive and calming effect on children.
  5. Watch this video for some more health benefits of sunshine.