Take 5 Breathwork for Anxiety

Take 5 Breathwork for Anxiety

“Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts. Whenever your mind becomes scattered, use your breath as the means to take hold of your mind”

Thich Nhat Hanh


Everything begins with the breath, mastering the breath helps to master life.

Being mindful of your breathing and practising healthy breathing habits supports both your mental and physical wellbeing.

When an individual is stressed or anxious their breathing becomes shallow.

Here is a breathing activity, to engage your mind and breath in when you are feeling anxious.

Directions for Take 5 Breathing Activity

Begin with palm open, fingers outstretched, take a deep breath in to the count of five. On count one curl the thumb into centre of the palm, two curl index fingers, continue curling each remaining finger, one at a time for each count 3, 4 5.

Your hand is now in a close fist, squeeze, hold breath comfortably for a moment, then breath out slowly to a count of 5, uncurling each finger to outstretched position at each count, starting with your little finger. count 1, and working your way round to your thumb, 2, 3, 4, 5, ending with an open palm,

Repeat Take 5 Breathing exercise for five rounds or for as many rounds as you require to assist in the reduction of feeling anxiety.

The Power of Colour

The Power of Colour

The Power of Colour

Have you ever wondered why when skies are turquoise you feel more harmonised and energised than when skies are grey?

Here we explore the source of colours and their role in our world.

The sun a main source of life here on earth, emits energy in the form of waves known as the electromagnetic spectrum.

The electromagnetic spectrum is huge and the percentage of it which is visible to the human eye in the form of colours is 0.0035 percent.

Here we explore the power of the visible rainbow colour spectrum to impact our wellbeing.

The human eye and brain translate light into colours using light receptors within the eye.

The surface of an object reflects some colours and absorbs all others, we see the reflected light. A typical human eye can see approximately one million colours.

White light is a combination of all colours and black is the absence of all colours.

The visible light spectrum ranges from violet at 400nm to red at 700nm wavelength.

As well as each colour having its own unique wavelength, they each have specific frequencies. The larger the frequency the smaller the wavelength.

The higher the frequency the more energy it carries. Following this red has the lowest energy and violet the highest.

On the basis everything is energy, we are beings of light energy.

Research by Bruce Taino has shown that the human body average frequency is 68Hz and a healthy body resonates between 62 to 72MHz. When the body drops below 58MHz that is when disease starts.

Bacteria, viruses, and disease each have their own low frequency that influences the human energy field.

It is said that 528HZ boosts human immunity and is an ancient healing tone that creates harmony within the mind body and soul.

528 nanometres (nm) of sunlight radiates the colour greenish yellow in the colour spectrum, which is also the colour of chlorophyll in nature that is present in the pigments of plants. Which may explain the theory of why being out in nature boosts our immune system.

Cyan the colour of ocean and skies, is a colour much used since ancient times as a healing colour. One example of its use in ancient times was by the noblest members of ancient Egyptian society who were seen to drape turquoise around their necks it is also a colour widely used in ancient architecture in Turkey and central asia.

Cyan can be traced back to a dye produced from cornflower.

It has a wavelength of 490 to 520nm and frequency of 610 to 575THz

Cyan and red are complimentary colours, interestingly when combined, they make either white, black or grey depending on the colour system used.

White, black and grey are three colours which also have unique interesting features.

White reflects all colours, therefor absorbs the least heat.

Black absorbs all colours and UV rays, absorbs heat from the body, helping to keep it cool.

Grey is an intermediate colour between black and white. It is a neutral colour an achromatic colour, meaning literally that it is a colour without colour because it can be composed of black and white.

These properties explain the popular use of these colours in clothing in hot countries. Also, the use of vivid colours in the painting of buildings, as red and blue shades perform better at blocking UV-B rays.

As can be seen from this brief look at the energy of different colours, a correlation can be drawn between colours and the personal harmony we feel.

At times we also may feel drawn to certain colours. Maybe in the choice of colour for clothes, food, home décor etc, trust your instincts as it may well be a colour your body intuitively knows it needs to help bring harmony to it.

Eating a rainbow of colours in vegetables is also a good basis for a healthy diet. Based on the theory each colour has a unique vibrational energy you may find certain vegetables provide more energy upon consumption.

Also, if you are feeling under the weather, a walk-in sunshine in mother nature will help to boost your immunity and help you to feel more energised.

Have fun researching and learning more about the properties of different colours and the potential they have on impacting your world.

Here is a diagram sharing the wavelength and frequencies of different colours for your easy referencing.


Loving Me Unconditionally

Loving Me Unconditionally

Travelling home on the tube yesterday from a yoga session with a small group of teenagers. My thoughts ran over the discussion I had with them which flowed on from listening to ‘Natures Rainbow Mindfulness Meditations for Teens’ track 1 Red – Rose which raised the subject of unconditional love.

Today I thought I would share aspects of the discussions and thoughts which flowed in this blog post.

After listening to the track I discussed with the group what the term unconditional love meant to them and the topic of loving oneself unconditionally. The importance of not comparing or judging, but excepting, being expressing and loving the me unconditionally.

We took a look at toddlers and discussed how toddlers naturally loves themselves unconditionally. They freely make friends and play with others without judgement of themselves or others. A toddler is not concerned with looks appearance, fashion, lifestyle, money. A toddler just is a beacon of unconditional love for themselves and others.

We discussed the importance of loving ourselves unconditionally as a toddler does before external conditioning impacts their mindset.

So how did we get programmed and move from a being of unconditional love for ourselves and others?

As I sat on the tube ride home, my thoughts shifted to my little puppy Leo, who I got this summer. Leo is the essence of unconditional love. He wants to run up and make friends with every human and dog he meets, just like a toddler.

Unfortunately, I have had to pull the reigns in and explain to him not every human or dog wishes to be his friend. A self-realisation he is also making, and in line with this he is slowly adjusting his behaviour to not running up to every human he crosses path with and to gently open and test the playing field first with other dogs he meets and would like to play with.

The observation of my curtailment of Leo’s unconditional expression of love and his own assessments of the differing reactions he receives back from his hello’s are impacting him to not be so abundant in his expressions of love.

From these observations of Leo’s development, I now have a better understanding of how unintentionally our toddler child goes from being a beacon of unconditional love for themselves and others to a teenager who has been shaped and adjusted to the world around them.

Barriers have grown in response to different impacts they experience from their external world which then impacts on their internal world. They are bombarded with advertising and media images of how they should be looking, what they should be wearing, how they should be presenting, speaking, being, feeling etc. All of which are destroying their core-essence, personal identity unconditional love for themselves.

As parents or guardians of a young person, it is not our wish to destroy a child’s unconditional love for themselves, but from the above we can see how the roots of destruction gently sprout.

From the growing statistics on self-harm, depression, anxiety and suicide we can see and hear the growing calls for help.

With this knowledge comes the opportunity to make a change to re-foster unconditional love for one selves and others.

There are many ways this can be done, the ‘Magnificent Me Magnificent You – Loving the Me App’ will be sharing a few.

But as a parent, guardian, teacher, headmaster, general practitioner etc, have a think of ways on how we can foster self-love with our young and please share your thoughts and ideas below for others to benefit from.


Blog Author: Dawattie Basdeo


Interconnected World

Interconnected World

Have you previously heard the statement, ‘We Are One’. Our every thought, every action, every intention affects the whole of creation in all its entirety.

Have you ever wondered how can this be so? How can the whole universe in its vast infinite entirety be connected and the tinniest movement of a grain of sand impact the whole?

One simple example that demonstrates the interconnectedness of life expressed by nature is the following.

In the same way the human bodies flow with the sun and moon, when the sun goes down and the moon comes up, we choose to sleep. Flowers also rest when the sun goes down and the moon comes up as can be visibly seen from their closed petals in the early morning which opens with the day and the rising sun. Demonstrating a universal connected consciousness flowing.

With this awareness of life’s interconnectedness, grows the awareness to take responsibility of one’s actions, thoughts, intentions and the impact they are having overall.

The knowledge that each act and emotion shared has an impact on our personal being, the being of others, the planet we live on and the whole universe, brings our attention to being more mindful of each thought, action, emotion we emit.

A topic very much in the headlines now is the climate crisis planet earth is under. It is clear mother earth is reacting to all the man-made impact and she in return is creating waves of her own.

As Sir Isaac Newton famously stated in its simplest form ‘for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.’

With this awareness of the interconnected nature of our universe. Our mindful awareness also grows to be more conscious of our thoughts, actions and intentions in every given moment and how we are impacting our planet and the world.

This thought also highlights the ‘power of now’ for the current moment impacts equally on the past, present and future, illustrating the concept in now flows all of entirety.

In conclusion, know you matter, your thoughts emotions, actions all count. You are impacting your world. You have the power to choose the impact you make.

Blog Author: Dawattie Basdeo


What Do We Do When Others Let Us Down

What Do We Do When Others Let Us Down

What do we do when others let us down?

A challenge shared by one of the students in my yoga class for teenagers this week.

A challenge that many face throughout their life journey.

So how do we manage our emotions when others act in a way that is not in sync with how we would like them to be.

My observations on this challenge is the following.

Within each of us there is an internal moral compass, which guides our values, personal integrity and choices.

When another individual acts in a way that conflicts with our personal values, we can feel anxious, sad, hurt or let down to name a few of our different emotions.

As humans we are blessed with the ability to experience a whole range of different emotions. Acknowledging the many different emotions, we can consciously and unconsciously feel is part and parcel of life.

For myself the best way I have found to not fall into the judgement trap of others is to focus on one’s own personal integrity.

Through focusing on one’s own personal integrity and values, being true to oneself and standing tall in your own truth. We build an inner strength and wisdom based on our personal values that lights our path and diffuses the shadows of negative emotions brought on by the actions of others that are not aligned with our personal values.

Also, acceptance is a wonderful life parachute.

A famous quote on acceptance is ‘Accept what is, let go of what was and have faith in what will be.”

Once we can accept each person is on their own unique journey, we are able to express compassion for their actions instead of judgement practice forgiveness.

Another very famous quote on forgiveness is

“forgive them father for they know not what they do” Luke23:34

A phrase I strongly agree with, as I believe if someone truly knew and understood their actions were not kind and the impact they have on others they would not consciously or unconsciously choose to do them.

Therefor my conclusion on this topic stay true to you, acceptance is life’s parachute and forgiveness sets you free.


Thank You for taking time to read this blog, please do share your thoughts comments on this subject below.

Dawattie Basdeo

The above photo shared is by Akiane Kramarick painted age 9 titled ‘Father Forgive Them’





Do you try to control the waves of life or are you happy to surf their crests?

No two seconds are the same. Life is in constant flow, constant change. From the instant we are conceived in the womb, our world is continuously changing.

In our material existence, body consciousness, we are consciously aware of the world within us and around us. We observe life is flow, life is change. When flow stops, life stops.

Just like a stream, if the water is unable to flow, it becomes stagnant and dies.

With the thought that change is part and parcel of life. There are also periods of time in our lives where we observe our surroundings and activities may flow to a certain rhythm. This rhythm becomes familiar and we find comfort in the familiar, however life’s rhythm changes as do the seasons around us. When there is change to the rhythm in which our life is flowing, we may not want it to change or we may be very happy for a change.

When there is a noticeable change in our lives, by which we may feel challenged, such as starting a new school, parents divorcing etc.

If we are able to accept change is part of life’s flow and acknowledge evolution and growth only comes through change. We become more open to change. We do not try to grasp and control the flow.

We allow the waters to run their course, we learn to go with the flow, and we trust in the flow of life. We trust our life’s journey.

There is a lovely song in ‘Magnificent Me Magnificent You – The Grand Canyon” children story and yoga activity book which shares this thought titled “The River of Life”

However, if you do struggle with change, mindfulness practice provides present moment awareness. Mastering present moment awareness allows you to engage fully with what is happening in the now and not be distracted by past or future thoughts.

If you are wondering how I personally manage change. I choose to enjoy life in the now, the past has gone and can not be changed and is all part of the present moment. The future, that yet to experience, I have dreams and hopes for new experiences and act in the now to bring these into my life. My focus is on what I am doing in the present moment, as I feel everything emanates in the now, the past, the present and the future.

I would love to hear your thoughts on change, please do share in our comments section below.