Magnificent me Magnificent you Empowerment Cards


Affirmations cards to nurture positive thinking, self esteem, confidence and self love
56 cards

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This box of empowerment cards contains 56 individual cards to help inspire children with the knowledge that can empower them through the thoughts they choose. Each card has a positive affirmation to provide a positive perspective for the developing younger mind. Children can choose a card each week to put in a prominent place they often look at, to help inspire and act as a reminder to live and think positively in order to follow their chosen path.

  • Affirmation cards can nurture positive thinking, help build self-esteem and self-love.
  • A fun activity for all the family to partake in
  • A fantastic resource for teachers to use on PSHE days or as an everyday mindful exercise at the start of class
  • Helps to develop children’s wellbeing and form positive connections with others
  • Helps children to build their dreams and aspirations

Card size: A6 – 9 cm width 12.5 cm height


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