Why Are Statistics on Self-harm and Depression in Young People Growing

Why Are Statistics on Self-harm and Depression in Young People Growing

Once again, this week, it has been reported that the statistics are increasing for our young suffering from self-harm, depression, anxiety, suicide to name a few.

And the question that keeps popping into my head is “Why is this happening?”

We are currently the most advanced we have been, why is this happening to our children, surely if anything our young should be experiencing a rise in health and well-being.

I have posed the question to several people, and the consensus has been, too much technology, media influence and breakdown of the family unit to name a few.

The next question that naturally flows and pops into my head is how can we stop these growing statistics and reverse them?

What solutions and help are we currently providing for young people who currently feel challenged in their lives.

One of the tools which I think the current education system needs to facilitate more is yoga and meditation.

The reason why I think this is a resource that will support young minds, is the fact that yoga and meditation creates a space where a young person can connect with their core, recognise and acknowledge the beauty of their soul, their spirit.

Tune into the source of their anxiety, depression or suicidal thoughts and learn to dissipate them.

Once a young person masters the art of connecting with their diamond within, know they are part of a Universe that loves them unconditionally, this will provide the guiding light to illuminate those moments of darkness that may surface.

These are a few of my thoughts on the subject, please do share your thoughts on why and suggestions on how we can stop and reverse the current growing statistics below.

Thank You



Loving the Me Class Activity

Loving the Me Class Activity

Imagine a world where every child made choices based on a mindset of compassion for the self, compassion for others and compassion for the planet…  how different our world would be.

Compassion for the self, goes hand in hand with self-love, as when we truly love ourselves we can do no harm to others.

Here is a fun class activity to reinforce self love in young minds.

Sit children in a circle with a jigsaw puzzle, ask the children to put the jigsaw puzzle together.

Once the puzzle has been completed, engage with the children and ask them what they think the purpose of the exercise was.

Many will say teamwork, great, acknowledge this and thank everyone for their feedback.
Now remove two pieces from the completed puzzle.

Ask children if the pieces are the same……..discuss the fact that they are different shape, sizes, colour etc.

Now observe the puzzle with the class and discuss the fact that without these two pieces the puzzle is incomplete.

Now ask children to look around the circle and observe their classmates, each a different shape, size, colour, tastes, gifts etc

Then discuss with group, using the jigsaw puzzle as your visual aid the importance of each piece to make the puzzle complete.

Then progress to explain in the puzzle of life, each person is unique and special and of equal importance to make the world complete.

As each piece of the jigsaw puzzle has a unique role of equal importance to its completion, so in life each child has a unique role of equal importance to complete the world.

The session can be ended with the children sitting and taking a moment to acknowledge in the their own mind that they are unique and special and of equal importance to the world and giving themselves a love filled hug of gratitude for the wonderment of themselves.

Dr Masaru Emoto – The Power of Words

Dr Masaru Emoto – The Power of Words

Dr Masaru Emoto (1943 – 2014) was a Japanese researcher who claimed human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water.
One of the experiments he did was to place different written words on water and to note the effect it had on water crystals as seen in the following video:

From his experiment, it can be seen that different words and their intention have different effect on the structure of water crystals, with words such as, Thank You, Love, Compassion, Truth, Peace, Love & Gratitude, Humility etc creating beautiful crystal structures and unkind words creating distorted, non-symmetrical dysfunctional crystal structures.

If words can do this to water, imagine what words can do to us as the majority of our body is water.
Dr Emoto was passionate about sharing this knowledge with children and authored two children books, “The Secret of Water for the Children of the World” and “The Message from Water” children’s version, which was printed in over 75 countries and is available free of charge on his website.  http://www.emotopeaceproject.net/picture-books/4584092537

Please download his children book at the above link, which beautifully illustrates to children the power of their words and intention and encourages them to show love and thanks to themselves and others.

“Words are the vibration of nature. Therefore, beautiful words create beautiful nature. Ugly words create ugly nature. This is the root of the universe.”

– Dr Masaru Emoto

Health Benefits of Sunshine for Children

Health Benefits of Sunshine for Children

Sunlight is necessary for most life forms on earth and plays an important role in the healthy development of children.

With the growing popularity in technology more and more children spend most of their time indoors glued to screens. However, as parents we need to make a consorted effort to get our children enjoying outdoor play and sunshine, as the health benefits of sunshine are critical for their healthy growth and development.

Here are a few of the Health Benefits of sunshine for children:

  1. Sunlight helps the body’s production of vitamin D, which is a very important compound for development of children. Vitamin D supports healthy bones and brain.
  2. Sunlight is necessary to regulate the internal body clock and support sleep. Sleep time is important because during sleep a child’s body is busy growing and developing both physically and mentally. Study has shown that an extra hour of sleep has improved emotion regulation, decreased impulsivity and improved attention and behaviour.
  3. Sunlight influences the production of Serotonin a chemical messenger in the brain used to regulate moods and emotions. High levels of Serotonin is related to feelings of wellbeing and joy in children and low levels related to impulsivity, aggression, depression and anxiety.
  4. Researchers have found that playing outdoors in nature has a positive and calming effect on children.
  5. Watch this video for some more health benefits of sunshine.

The Healing Power of Music – Pythagoras (569-475BC)

The Healing Power of Music – Pythagoras (569-475BC)

Pythagoras, one of the faculties he was described as is, ‘the father of music’. He discovered musical intervals and taught that you could heal using sound and harmonic frequencies.

He was the first person to prescribe music as medicine.

Pythagoras stated each celestial body, in fact each and every atom, produce a particular sound on account of its movement, its rhythm or vibration. All these sounds and vibrations form a universal harmony in which each element, while having its own function and character contributes to the whole.

Pythagoras was the first person to use the word cosmos and applied the above theory to the whole cosmos, where, he said each planet, each sphere had its own note, referred to as “music of the spheres”

Flowing from this he affirmed music is present everywhere and governs all temporal cycles, such as seasons, biological cycles and all the rhythms of nature.

Pythagoras put forward the theory that different musical modes have different effects on the person who hears them. He taught that if utilized correctly, music can:

  • Bring the faculties of the soul in harmony.
  • Compose and purify the mind
  • Heal the physical body, thus restoring and maintaining perfect health.

Pythagoras was the first person to prescribe music as medicine and modern science is also now confirming the healing powers of music and the benefits of sound therapy.

With advancing technology and the ability to measure different cell frequencies Pythagoras vision is fast becoming a modern-day reality.

Plato who was a Pythagorean said “Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul.”