Magnificent Me Magnificent You The Grand Canyon


Author: Dawattie Basdeo
Illustrator: Angela Cutler



Magnificent Me Magnificent You – The Grand Canyon is the first in a series of wellbeing story and activities book each based on a different natural wonder of the world.

This book follows the adventure of twins Crystal and Leo as they journey on a quest to discover the owner of an item found in their mum’s bag of treasures from her travels.

Within the story are beautiful messages that we can learn from nature and alongside the story are a range of fun healthy activities that children can enjoy such as yoga, dance, meditation, massage, visualisation & relaxation plus lots more

The author was inspired to create this series of books from her love of our natural world, passion for yoga, as a children’s yoga teacher, and her enjoyment of the different holistic activities.

Her wish for this book is that it inspires children to connect with, understand, love and respect the world we live in. Engage with the natural world beauty and magnificence and be empowered by the wisdom found in the natural world.


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